Sunday, 19 February 2012

Boltmakers Arms, Keighley

Small but perfectly formed the Boltmakers Arms is everything that you could wish for in a pub. Situated on the edge of the town centre a short walk from the railway station it is easy to miss this lovely little pub which has quite a narrow frontage on East Parade.That would be a big mistake. When you step through the door you enter an establishment which is a throwback to an age when a good Saturday night out was to be had by simply going down to the local.

Inside the pub is tiny. When there are sixty people in it is full. However people are happy to squeeze in to the seats or stand shoulder to shoulder around the bar in order to sample what the Boltmakers has to offer..... Timothy Taylors beers at their best.

The full range of TT's ales are available plus selected guest beers. When we were there Big Dog from York Brewery and Everards Tiger were available. Needless to say the guests did not feature in my plans. The focus of my attention was fairly and squarely upon a pint of Taylors Best Bitter.

This is a session beer without peers. My all time favourite and I was here, in the best pub in Keighley, to drink it! Despite the pub being busy the two barmaids kept the beer flowing, accompanied by gentle banter and pleasant smiles.  As the bitter slipped down , pint by wonderful pint, I was able to appreciate the pub's decor which consists mainly of music memorabilia.

We were sat beneath a bust of Elvis but there were lots of interesting items which vied with the beer for my attention.

Needless to say the beer won hands down. We always visit the Boltmakers when we are in town. It never fails to less than a welcoming hostelry serving excellent beer in a friendly atmosphere. Long may it continue.