Tuesday, 6 November 2012

York Tap

A rugby and ale loving friend of mine, who lives in York, recommended that we visit the York Tap, formerley a model railway and now a pub selling a range of well kept ales from all over the country. It has been a pub for less than a year but is already my favourite alehouse in York.

The pub can be entered direct from platform 2 which is handy as we arrived by train. Now I had imagined that the bar would be very long, to accomodate all the different beer engines. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bar itself was round!
...with ample room for twenty wickets!
..ten on each side! I tried a brew called Seven, from Bristol. This, needless to say led to some mathematical rounds. ( Is 28 four pints of Seven or three pints and two halves?)
York Tap is an ideal place for thirsty drinkers to meet up or simply for travellers waiting for a train. You should try it.