Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Crown Posada, Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is a city famous for its nightlife - brash,exciting and loud. There is a pub, close to the quayside which is the antithesis of all this. The Crown Posada, situated on a cobbled street known as Side is certainly exciting but never brash and, when we were in there, certainly not loud.

 The facade of the pub is very deceptive. Behind this narrow unassuming frontage lies a wonderful interior which goes way back into the building.

The decor is sumptious - lots of dark wood and stained glass with soft lighting which, along with the shape of the pub, gives it a cosy feel.

Once you have taken in the ambience of the Crown Posada you then come to the main event - the beer. Lovely ale from local breweries is the order of the day - Haddon & Tynemouth to name but two - well kept and superbly presented.

I commented to the barman after an hour that we had been in a Quayside pub for an hour and had not seen a fight! His reply: "We haven't had a fight in here since Montgomery was a corporal" It made me chuckle. If you are in Newcastle and want a good pint in nice surroundings then go no further than the Crown Posada.