Sunday, 1 April 2012

Veritas Bar, Leeds

If you like real ale and decent pub food in pleasant surroundings then you might not think that the centre of Leeds on a Saturday night is the place to find it. Market Town Taverns clearly thought otherwise when they opened Veritas on Great George Street right opposite the old frontage of the Leeds Infirmary.

The pub looks a bit like a shop from the outside and that feeling goes right through to the room past the bar which is a delicatessen during the day.

Now I always like to try different ales so I plumped for the Abbeydale Daily Bread  for my first pint.which turned out to be a rather bland, and in my opinion, characterless beer.

Second up was a nice little blonde from Ilkey - Mary Jane which was on splendid form.

We had come to Veritas for something to eat and if I am honest the overall feel of the place is that of a cafe. This should not come as a surprise as all the MTT pubs that we have visited are slightly unusual. The food is good simple pub fayre served in decent portions at very reasonable prices.

I had  slab of chicken and wild mushroom pie but the game pie and the veggie dish both looked good.

A special mention for the staff who were working last night. They were all from the PIAF school (Polite, Interested, Articulate & Friendly) They certainly made a big contribution to the nice atmosphere and deserve our thanks.

At a time when pubs in leeds are closing down every week Market Town Taverns have hit upon a winning formula. They now have 3 pubs in Leeds and another 12 across the county. If you are in leeds then I recommend that you call in to Veritas and enjoy what they have to offer.